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Have You Been Arrested and Under Investigation?

Posted by Hedding Law Firm | Mar 31, 2015

Say nothing to the police! At the time of arrest, the goal of most police officers when talking to you and asking you questions is to get you to make self-incriminating statements. For this reason, once they have your basic information, you do not have to explain anything. Everything you say, even things to show innocence, will somehow be used against you.

Stay quiet, and contact an attorney immediately.

To have a qualified and skilled attorney fighting for you is the wisest thing you can do when being charged with a federal crime. When it comes to federal crimes, prosecutors use every available resource they have to convict a person, but our attorneys step up and step in with every available resource we have to preserve a person's freedom.

With that being said, do not speak to anyone until you have a federal lawyer present. You have the right!

Generally, before you are formally charged with a federal crime, an investigation is done, which is referred to as the per-filing stage. This is a great time when a skilled federal defense attorney can make the most impact. We have taken on several cases in the per-filing stage that never made it past that point.

Ultimately, that is our goal; that you never get formally charged. Prosecutors will try to come up with a case against you, but we do everything we can to show a lack of merit and insufficient evidence.

Regardless of whether you have been formally charged or in the per-filing stage, federal attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm are experienced in the arena of federal court. We know the laws, the procedures, the court process, and everything we need to know to protect your freedom and your rights. Just remember these main points: do not say anything to self-incriminate; contact us immediately, and let us do the rest.

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