Federal Criminal Computer Crimes Defense

When it comes to defending computer crimes at the federal level, it takes an attorney who's got some experience and has dealt with the federal government on these cases. These computer crimes can handle many different forms.

The bottom line is, if you commit a crime, for example, embezzling money, and you use a computer to do it, there's an extra enhancement that the government can charge you with and try to get extra time tacked onto the back of your sentence. Embezzlement is defined under 18 U.S.C. § 641.

Different Types of Federal Computer Crimes

So, computers are serious business because they're sophisticated machinery that can be used to cause a lot of damage versus a very small amount of damage.

Federal Criminal Computer Crimes Defense
There are many different types of federal computer crimes, such as embezzlement, identity theft, and computer hacking.

When you use a computer, usually the person is more sophisticated and sits in a position of trust which can cause a lot of loss to a particular victim. There are different types of federal computer crimes, ranging from:

  • stealing money from your company,
  • stealing money from another person,
  • computer hacking under 18 U.S.C § 1030,
  • identity theft under 18 U.S.C § 1028,
  • embezzlement under U.S.C. § 641,
  • some sex-related offenses on the computer.

A lot of times, the government will seize the computer, the phone, or tablet — whatever the case may be. Then they will look through it to see if they can find evidence to support their allegation related to criminal activity.

Sometimes this can take some time because there are a lot of computers in society, and what ends up happening is they get a considerable backlog where their forensic experts can only possibly digest some of the computers that they've got to go through.

Why Does the Federal Government Prosecute Internet Crimes?

Internet crimes have not been around that long, but they've certainly been around long enough that the feds get involved and go after people committing them. 

The reason they are the ones going after people is that they are the ones that have the manpower to be able to investigate a lot of these cases on the internet, which is time-consuming. In addition, many cases involve multiple states; some cases are complicated and involve large sums of money.

So, suppose you're being investigated by the FBI, Secret Service, or Homeland Security for some internet-related offense. In that case, you'll need an attorney with experience dealing with these cases – someone who has handled them from the beginning, and you've come to the right place.  I've been doing this now for over 30 years.

I've been defending internet crimes at all levels being filed by the federal government since the outset of them even being involved with internet-related offenses.  First, we will do the following:

  • break down precisely what you're being charged with;
  • break down what evidence the government might have to prove the case,
  • we're going to look at whether you have any defenses to this internet-related charge.

If you do, we're going to investigate them.  We will set things up so we can be in the best position to defend you.

Plea Bargaining with Prosecutor

If, on the other hand, it looks like a situation where you'll have to work out some resolution, then we'll take a different approach. 

We'll take an approach to mitigate the case.  In the end, when it comes to these internet-related crimes, the judge is going to be looking at the following:

  • what your criminal history is,
  • what crime you committed, and
  • what the base offense level is sentencing-wise for that crime, and
  • if there are any enhancements or downward departures that apply,
  • did you play a minor role in the internet offense?
  • did you cooperate with the government to help them get other people on the case?

They will look at many things to decide the correct sentence for you. So, if you need the best and you're charged with an internet crime by the feds in one of the district courts, you've been indicted, pick up the phone now. 

Reviewing the Evidence Stored on Your Computer

Other times, it's a situation where there's so much on the computer that it takes a lot of time to go through. Then, finally, there are situations where they need help cracking in and getting past any security features that might block them from getting to information on the computer.

You would be surprised at what the government can find on computers.

Many security features that people think will prevent the government from getting to their data/information and using it against them usually fail, and the government finds the information and uses it against a particular person.

So, if you or a loved one is charged with a computer-related offense at the federal level, it's a criminal case.  Therefore, you need an attorney with experience.

Come to somebody like me who's been doing this for 26 years and has handled many types of cybercrimes and computer-related offenses against the federal government in the federal criminal court.

Contact Us for a Case Review

I'll have you come in, and we'll talk about whether or not you have a good defense, whether or not you can block the evidence the government has.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney
Call our federal criminal defense lawyers to review the details of your case.

If you can't block it and they do have evidence against you, we will devise a game plan to get you the lowest common denominator.

Also, to prevent you from going to federal prison for a long time and having to spend thousands of dollars in restitution. It takes time.  It takes effort.  It takes know-how.

It takes experience.  If you need help with a federal criminal computer crime, pick up the phone, call, and ask to speak to Ron Hedding.   I stand ready to help, educate, and get you out of the federal criminal system as fast as possible.

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