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Due to the economy and other circumstances, real estate fraud has increased tremendously. As a consequence, the Federal government has actively and aggressively investigating, busting, and prosecuting real estate fraud schemes. Our federal criminal defense attorneys are here to be even more aggressive and fight on your behalf if you are facing real estate fraud charges.

We have a understanding and comprehension on real estate fraud laws and federal laws and procedures. We are well known and respected all throughout Los Angeles County. We have unmatched credentials and we guarantee our competence and persistency to do all we can to get you the best achievable outcome.

Real Estate fraud is to defraud a federally insured lending institution, such as a bank. Real estate fraud charges are very serious. There are many different ways commit real estate fraud schemes. Some examples are foreclosure bailouts, home equity fraud, home renovation scams, rental fraud to name a few.

Common schemes involving real estate loans are property flipping (when a buyer pays a low price for a property through the making of false statements to the lender and then sells it for a much higher price) and fraudulent qualifications (providing false employment history and/or credit reports to get a loan).

Different Types of Real Estate Fraud

These cases are interesting because this type of white collar crime can take on so many different forms.  People are using straw buyers to buy houses.  You have insiders in banks who are involved in helping people with loans.  You have people falsifying their income in order to get a real estate loan.  There's so many different things going on that it's impossible to cover every possible angle in this segment.

The bottom line is, if you're charged with some form of real estate fraud, obviously real estate is the backbone of the United States government, so the feds/the prosecutors take these type of cases very seriously and they're going to come down very hard on anybody they suspect of any type of real estate fraud.

It's interesting.  There's all sorts of fraud that goes on in the real estate market that is unreported, that nothing happens, and that's because people pay their money.  As long as people are paying their money, then the feds don't need to become involved.

But, where the problem comes in is when somebody uses straw buyers, buys a house, goes into foreclosure, the next thing you know the bank's not getting their money.  The government is the big brother of the bank so they're going to come in and start investigating.  If they feel that some sort of real estate fraud is going on, they're going to come down on everybody involved.

Experience in Defending Federal Criminal Cases

So, if you're charged with a crime related to a real estate fraud transaction, you're going to want to get an attorney like me who's been down this road before — twenty-five years defending federal cases — you've got to have somebody that is seasoned; that is savvy; that knows how to defend these cases, because sometimes the government comes in and there's a rush to judgment.

They don't have all the information.  They don't have the big picture as to exactly what is going on, so that's where somebody has to come in who's handled these type of cases before, who knows what the government has to prove in order to prove a mortgage fraud case at the federal level against somebody.

When you start talking about punishments for federal real estate fraud, they're going to look at what happened, how much was lost and was the person that we're targeting in the fraud case responsible for the full loss or is somebody else responsible.

That's important, because if you're responsible for an amount of loss, that's going to dictate how much time you're looking at, at the federal level, because when they start breaking down sentences in a federal real estate fraud case, they're looking at how much money was somebody out? 

Did you cause that?  Are you responsible for it?  Then they'll start talking about enhancements related to the case that's being charged against you.  Those enhancements can amount to years in federal prison.

So, it's crucial you get in front of an attorney and start to talk to them about your situation.  Let your champion — your federal criminal defense attorney — represent you and make the moves that are necessary to put you in the best possible position.

If you're innocent, to defend you all the way down the line.  If you've done something wrong, to mitigate and minimize the damage to your record, the damage to your family, your reputation and of course, your freedom.

Legal Penalties

Penalties for real estate fraud are severe and result in prosecution for not only the actual loss caused by the fraud but also the intended loss which is often magnified by the prosecution.

Our duty as your criminal lawyer, is to minimize any penalties that the prosecution is trying to impose on you. we assert any and all defenses applicable to your case and protection of your legal rights is our top priority.

So, pick up the phone now and make the call.  I've handled hundreds of real estate fraud cases over the twenty-five years I've been practicing federal criminal defense and I can help you. If you are facing charges of real estate fraud, call the Hedding Law Firm and set up a free face to face consultation and we will start preparing your case immediately.

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