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The feds do definitely get involved in enforcing laws related to gambling.  Really, what you have to think about, any time any money is being made and the federal government is not getting their piece of that money, then you're going to have a problem.  They're going to come in.

They're like the Mafia in that sense.  You don't give us our piece we're going to come arrest everybody and that's going to be the end of it.

The biggest area that I see the feds getting involved is online gambling.  Online gambling is very hard to monitor — very difficult to track, so anybody that's doing any type of online gambling is going to run the risk that the federal government is going to come in and attempt to arrest them and prosecute them.

Sports Betting – Bookmarking

Another area I see a lot of activity in is bookmaking.  In other words, people want to bet on sports and they do that through all sorts of different ways, and typically you're going to see the feds are going to stop this type of activity, especially if it's for big money.

Because again, typically people who are doing bookmaking-type activities related to federal gambling aren't paying any taxes on it.  Not only are the people who are in charge of the bookmaking gambling not paying taxes, but neither are the people who are betting their money, so the government is losing out on a huge chunk of money.

Federal Criminal Gambling Defense Lawyer

So, of course, they're going to try to figure that out, and the question becomes, how do they figure that out?  How do they figure out that people are gamble?  Especially if it's on the internet, if it's some sort of bookmaking that nobody can figure out?

The answer to that is that somebody usually tells on them.  They wind of it because somebody else gets arrested and then that person says I have information about people who are gambling, who are bookmaking who are making a lot of money and they're not paying taxes on it.

Here comes the federal government.  They're now going to set up wire taps and they're going to monitor that type of activity, and of course, they'll arrest and prosecute people for that.

There are a lot of legal forms of gambling across the United States, but all those legal forms of gambling are licensed.  In other words, you have to get a license.  You have to pay taxes and the federal government makes a lot of money from that, so of course, they're going to allow that to happen.

Surveillance by Federal Law Enforcement

They're going to allow people to get involved in that type of activity in certain states, certain locations because those people are typically paying the money that they're supposed to be paying, and therefore, the feds will allow that type of activity to occur.

So, if you or a loved one has been arrested by the FBI because they're usually the ones dealing with gambling-related issues for the Department of Justice, they're going to come in and they're going to be the ones who are going to arrest people.

They're going to surveil people.  They're going to get information from informants related to illegal gambling that's going on.

Case Review by Federal Criminal Lawyer

So, the bottom line is, if you or a loved one is being prosecuted, then you're going to want to get somebody like me who's been handling federal criminal defense cases, handling gambling-related offenses at the federal and state level, to get on the case right away.

Obviously, you don't want to be making any statements to the feds because all they're going to do is try to take those statements, use them against you and prosecute you.  You want your attorney to be the one doing the talking.

You want to run everything through your attorney and allow your attorney to make the right moves for you going forward so you don't get yourself in any further trouble and you don't do or say anything that helps the government prosecute you.

I've been doing this now for 26 years.  I'm here to help you if you're charged with any sort of gambling offense at the federal level.  Usually where I see the feds come in on gambling, because certainly the states can typically prosecute any gambling case because it's occurring in a certain state.

So, local authorities usually would be the ones to deal with it.  But where I see the feds getting involved is if it's something sophisticated, if it's something that requires some serious investigation, then they will typically be the ones who will be involved with it.

Evaluating Evidence to Determine Case Strategy

They will put the FBI on tracking it and then the federal prosecutors, the Assistant United States Attorneys will come in and figure out exactly what charges they're going to file against a particular person and then I will be dealing with them related to the defense of the case.

I'm obviously going to evaluate all the evidence in the case — the discovery — before making a decision whether you're best served fighting the case or whether this is something we need to resolve by way of a negotiated plea because you've clearly violated the law.

Once we make that decision then we can move forward and make the right moves in your federal criminal gambling case.

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