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Traits the Best Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Have in Common

Posted by Hedding Law Firm | Jan 20, 2021

I've been doing federal criminal defense now for the past 27 years, and I think one of the most powerful traits that the best criminal defense attorneys has is a well-rounded background as it relates to defending federal criminal cases. That means:

  • understanding how prosecutors deal with cases,
  • understanding how judges deal with cases, and
  • understanding what it takes for a defense attorney to be successful in a federal case.

Whether the case is going to trial or whether the case is going to be resolved by way of a plea agreement.  This takes time, experience and a certain type of skill set to be able to successfully handle federal cases.

Not all defense attorneys can handle federal cases.  In fact, most don't.  I would say the percentage of attorneys that do federal versus state is much smaller in the federal arena.

Probably 10% of the attorneys that practice federal also practice state criminal defense.

Skilled Litigator with Federal Crimes

I think another important point when you're assessing the traits of a best criminal defense attorney at the federal level is can that attorney try a case a win it.

Traits the Best Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Have in Common

Because if the attorney is not a skilled litigator, I think that shows up when it comes time to negotiate a case that should be negotiated.  Those skilled litigators are able to point out problems and weaknesses with the prosecutor's case in their negotiations.

If you haven't successfully won any federal cases or you don't have the ability to be successful and try these cases, then obviously, you're not going to be as successful when it comes to plea bargaining these cases through discussions with the government.

Obviously, you want somebody that can argue on your behalf, because I can tell you right now, having done many federal criminal sentencings throughout the years, if you're not ready to argue, these federal judges will take apart your attorney.

They will take advantage of your attorney and that means they're taking advantage of the criminal defendants.

You have to be ready to stand up for your client, argue the right points, don't argue points that don't make any sense and aren't going to help you because it just makes your argument weaker as it relates to your particular client.

Best Criminal Defense for Federal Crimes

So, if you or a loved one has a federal criminal case anywhere in the nation and you're looking for one of the best federal criminal attorneys out there, I believe you've come to the right place.

I encourage you to pick up the phone.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding about your case.  We'll go over everything.  I'm more than happy to meet with you face to face.

If you're out of state or not available to come in at the time, we can certainly have a conversation over the phone. We can really get down to:

Best Criminal Defense for Federal Crimes
  • what you need in your federal criminal defense attorney,
  • what type of a case you have,
  • what your history looks like, and
  • what it's going to take to make you happy in a successful defense to your federal criminal case.

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