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Posted by Hedding Law Firm | Mar 25, 2020

I've handled a lot of out of state cases, even though I'm based out of Los Angeles, if people want me to go and represent them, obviously, as long as they can financially afford me and it's the type of case that I enjoy defending.

It really doesn't matter whether your attorney is from in or out of state when it comes to federal criminal defense because it's the same sentencing guidelines across the nation that the judges use to sentence all federal criminal defendants and it's pretty much the same law.

Some of the courts may have different rules, but all in all, it's all the same.  A lot of the states, what they will do is, they will have the attorney appear pro bono which basically means the court has to allow you to appear.

Courts May Have a Local Attorney Appear with You

A lot of times they will have you get a local counsel to appear with you, that way you know what the local rules are and you can handle things smoothly.  So, I've done that many times in my career and I do handle out of state cases.

Sometimes my clients are in California and Los Angeles and their case is out of state, so I will travel with them to whatever state it is.  We'll get a local counsel and we'll deal with it that way.  Other times, my clients are from out of state and they just want to have a good federal criminal defense lawyer who knows what they're doing come and represent them, so they'll come in or I'll go there.  They'll retain me.  We'll get a local attorney and we'll take it from there.

The bottom line is the main key components of a federal criminal case all remain the same.  If you want to fight the case and you're innocent, you're going to do it front of a jury and a jury doesn't care whether the person's in-state of out of state.

What they care about is whether or not the government can prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and if they can't convince unanimously all of the jurors that a particular defendant is guilty, then it's going to be a not guilty verdict.  Plain and simple.  It doesn't matter what state the federal criminal case is.

Fourth Amendment

Also, everybody has the same rights across the nation guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution against unreasonable searches and seizures and seizures against their Miranda rights being violated and a whole host of other rights that we all have guaranteed to us by the Constitution and if the government violates those rights then the attorney needs to file a motion on your behalf and try to fight the government.

Out of State Federal Criminal Defense

I have state troopers stopping and searching people all over the country illegally, no probable cause no reason to do it and we're going to fight those cases.  We're going to have a motion.  We're going to cross-examine them.  We're going to show the judge they illegally stopped my client.

They illegally searched the car.  They illegally searched their person.  A lot of times they've illegally searched their home and we're going to try to get the evidence they found thrown out and most of the time if you can get evidence thrown out in a motion, that's usually the only evidence the government has and then they're going to have to dismiss the case.

So, if you're either an out of state criminal defendant or somebody who's in state in California and needs some help, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  If you're a family member you're welcome to call.  We can meet either over the phone or face to face, which is always the best, talk about the case.

Develop a Defense Strategy for Best Outcome

I can look at it on the PACER system so I can see what's going on.  Obviously, I speak to prosecutors all the time all over the nation about cases and then we can really figure out whether this is the type of case I can help you with, what I can do to help you and what type of strategy that we're going to employ to try to get the best result in the case and try to keep you out of federal custody.

If you are going to go into federal custody, obviously we want to minimize the time you do in custody, determine whether or not any motions might apply to your case.  They don't apply in every federal case.  You're not just going to file a motion just to file a motion.  You file them if they are applicable.

In addition to motions, sometimes we're gong to have to fight the case and show the government they don't have a good case against you if you're innocent and you're being wrongfully accused by the government, you're going to need a powerful advocate to come in on your behalf, fight for you and do everything possible to get that not guilty verdict that you must have.

So, when it comes to federal criminal defense cases, we can go everywhere in the nation.  I know how to handle these cases and I know what it takes to get you the best results.

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