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Hiring an Attorney During a Federal Criminal Investigation

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Obviously, if you’re being investigated by the feds you’re going to want to consult an attorney.  The problem is that the feds will come and talk feds will come and talk to you and ask you if you want to give some information.

They’ll start asking you some questions.  Sometimes they’ll tape record the conversation.  The bottom line is, if you say anything that’s incriminating or they deem incriminating, sometimes during the investigation phase, they won’t even tape record certain statements.

Also, in interviews that they might give and they might say that you say something that you really didn’t say or they may mischaracterize what you said during a federal investigation.  Now you’re in the unenviable position of being charged with a federal crime later on and them trying to use your statement against you.

Retain a Federal Criminal Lawyer Immediately

So, if you’re being investigated federally, you want to get to an attorney right away.  Let the attorney do the talking for you.  Federal criminal defense attorneys are a special breed.  They know how to deal with the FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security and Drug Enforcement Agency and all the branches that make up the federal government’s investigative body.Hiring an Attorney During a Federal Investigation

Those branches were poured directly to the prosecutors — the Assistant United States Attorneys, and those investigators are going to give them all the information including statements that you might make.  So, obviously you want to be in the strongest position.

Let your attorney do the talking.  Let your attorney meet with the FBI and let your attorney begin to make the best decisions on your behalf.

Protecting Yourself During a Federal Criminal Investigation

It’s imperative that you don’t put yourself in a bad position when it comes to a federal criminal investigation.  Once I am retained on the case, I will call the agent up, introduce myself, give them my information, ask questions and find out what I can.

If there’s a prosecutor on the case, I will get that prosecutor’s information, talk to that prosecutor, let them know my client’s point of view — my client’s side of the story. Then, based on my conversation with that prosecutor, I can now advise my client moving forward of how they should handle themselves — whether they should meet with the government or whether they should remain silent.  This is a crucial first step in the investigative phase in a federal criminal case.

If you’re being investigated by the federal government, get to an attorney as fast as possible.  Let that attorney do the talking for you and start to make the right moves on your behalf.

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