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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Computer Crimes Defense Lawyer

Computer related crimes are broad and require extensive proof as to access to the computer terminal and who was the responsible party. If you are facing charges that involve computer crime, as your federal criminal lawyer, we will develop the best defenses to assert on your behalf and make every effort to get you favorable results.

The computer may be the source of the crime or may be used as a tool to commit another crime. In either case, a federal attorney is essential and makes a difference on the outcome of your case.

Our lawyers have the necessary skill, experience, and knowledge to represent you with all competence and diligence to get you the best results possible.

Most of the evidence for a computer crimes derive from hard drives, emails, history, but by asserting defenses in your favor, we may be able to prove that other people have used the computer or the information may have been implanted into the hard drive from another location; the defenses are available and as your federal lawyer, our job is to see what defenses apply to you and then after strongly and persistently assert them on your behalf.

Computer crimes are considered both property and privacy offense and the Feds will do all they can to charge you with whatever they can. Out federal defense attorneys will take on your case full force and have any charges that do not have sufficient evidence dismissed. We will do everything we can to get you the best possible results.

If you are facing federal computer crimes contact our law firm and set up a free face to face consultation.