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Federal Embezzlement Defense Lawyer – 18 U.S. Code Chapter 31

This type of white collar crime has to do with those individuals who are stealing money by some sort of means from their employer.  Normally, the federal government is not going to get involved with some small case involving a mom-and-pop store where someone is stealing money.  Usually the state will deal with that in any of the state government across the country.

Where the feds get involved in these embezzlement cases at the criminal level is when large dollars are being taken — there’s a sophisticated scheme, big companies are being stolen from — that’s probably where the line is drawn.  But of course, I’ve seen all sorts of exceptions to that.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of the people who are being stolen from, how they find out and who they contact once they find out.  If they contact the FBI and the case is big enough for them to take, then the federal government is going to be involved.

If on the other hand, they contact the police and get to the right detectives on the case, then there’s a major fraud unit — especially here in Los Angeles and probably across the country — that will deal with an embezzlement case.  The difference between embezzlement and just regular theft is, the embezzler sits in a position of trust in a particular job, company or business and they use that trust and that special knowledge or special position that they sit in in order to take money.

Embezzlement by Employees

I’ve seen some of these big companies that have millions of dollars and they have employees who are right in the middle of their bank accounts who have authority — especially if they team-up and you have a manager and an employee working together — they’re right in the middle of being able to move large dollar amounts to their own bank accounts.  Why somebody would do that really doesn’t make any sense because eventually, obviously, the government is going to find out about it because the employer, if they do some sort of an audit or they have some sort of a back-check, is going to realize that dollars are missing.

Really what I see happening is, even though people will get away with it for months and even years, they become greedy.  They go too far and then the company starts to miss the money and then they get an investigation going.  They have an audit done.  They bring somebody in who specializes in figuring out why companies are losing money and employees who embezzle money, what they do, what type of schemes they use, and how to figure it out.

Severe Legal Penalties

So, if you’ve got an embezzlement case at the federal level, you’re facing some significant penalties because the government is very harsh when it comes to individuals taking money from their employers.  You’re going to be ordered to pay back in restitution and you’re also likely to be ordered to serve some federal custody depending on the amount of the loss, your criminal record, how sophisticated the scheme was, how vulnerable the employer was at the time the embezzlement occurred, who your judge is at the time of your sentencing, and how the prosecutors proceeds with the case.  So, there’s a whole bunch of different factors that go into these embezzlement cases — how they’re prosecuted — and what the ultimate result is.

Some people have a defense to their embezzlement case and the government’s got it wrong.  And if that’s the situation, obviously you’re going to need to sit down with a California federal criminal defense attorney who understands these embezzlement cases, knows what it takes to prove them, understands the jury instructions that are going to be read to the jury and also understands how the jury is going to evaluate an embezzlement case at the federal level.

So, I would encourage you to pick up the phone.  Give me a call.  We can discuss it over the phone and we can also meet face-to-fact and if you’re serious about hiring someone who’s been down the road you’re about to travel.  You’ve come to the right place.  We can talk about your embezzlement case and figure out what The Hedding Law Firm can do to help you and put you in the best possible position moving forward.

You may be charged with embezzlement if you, as an employee or someone who has obtained possession of goods or money in a proper, legal manner, has misappropriated funds/assets that have been entrusted to you with the intent to deprive the owner permanently. Depending on the amount of money/assets embezzled, you may face a significant amount of time in jail and have excessive fines imposed on you.

Our defense attorneys have handled embezzlement cases and we have seen great results. The Hedding Law Firm understands that sometimes good people are put in bad situations and we are here to help you get out of those bad situations.If you are being charged with embezzlement, on federal or state level, contact our embezzlement defense attorneys and set up a free face to face consultation. Our fees are reasonable, our credentials are unmatched, and we are confident that we can effectively and efficiently defend your case.

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