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Who Investigates And Prosecutes A Federal Criminal Case?

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If it is a drug offense, then it could be prosecuted by the drug enforcement agency. If it is some other offense, ICE could be involved, or the FBI, or even the Secret Service. There is a certain branch of the federal government that deals with healthcare frauds. There is a branch that deals with fish and wildlife. If it has to do with firearms, there is a branch of the federal government for that. The federal government is powerful and far-reaching.

I Was Just Arrested And Charged For A Federal Crime, What Is Going To Happen To Me Next?

You will be brought into court relatively quickly after being arrested for a federal crime. They will indict you and give you the indictment. You can either hire your own attorney or, if you qualify, they will appoint a federal public defender for you. Once they tell you what the charges are, they will ask you your plea and then assign you one of the judges in the district where your case is pending. At the same time, they are going to decide whether you are to be detained or if you could be released on some sort of a condition, such as a signature bond or a property bond.

Once your bond is set, your judge is decided, and you have got your attorney, the case is going to move forward and the government is going to have to give your attorney all the discovery in the case. Typically, there is going to be a status conference at some point, where the judge is going to see what is going on with the case. Ultimately, either some sort of a plea bargain is going to be offered to you or if you are innocent of the crime, the case will eventually be set for trial.

Should I Try And Work With Federal Authorities? What Good Will That Do?

You are going to want to talk to your federal criminal defense attorney about whether or not it is wise to attempt to work with federal authorities in your case. The federal government is set up so that if you cooperate with them and can provide substantial assistance, then you can gain huge benefits as it relates to your sentence and punishments. There is something called a 5k departure, where time can be shaved off your sentence for cooperation, even if there is a mandatory minimum.

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