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Los Angeles Federal Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug manufacturing, distributing, and importing are all offenses that may be charged on the federal level and heavily pursued. Our federal lawyers are very knowledgeable on all the federal drug crimes and laws and we use our knowledge and skill to your full advantage to obtain you favorable results. A conviction for drug manufacturing has three levels of punishment depending on the amount of the substance and the type of substance. The mandatory minimums vary from ten years to life from five to forty years or from zero to twenty years in prison. If any of the drug manufacturing or distributing is occurring near a school or college, the penalties will be twice the maximum penalty. As your attorney, our duty is to get you the least amount of penalties and the best results possible. Your best interest is our top priority. Due to the complexity of federal laws and court system, an experienced and knowledgeable federal defense attorney is essential and our lawyers in L.A. are the one that are going to persistently fight for your case. If you are facing drug manufacturing charges or any type of federal drug crime the wise step for you to take is to immediately contact the Hedding Law Firm for a free case review. We will start on your case immediately!