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 Los Angeles Drug Cultivation Lawyer

Drug cultivation, especially marijuana cultivation, has increased tremendously. The Federal Government is in hot pursuit of busting drug cultivation operations. The charge is serious and the penalties severe depending on the type and amount of drug cultivated.

Our federal lawyers are well equipped and have the necessary experience and skills to defend you if you are facing drug cultivation charges.

Drug cultivation occurs when a person grows and produces an unlawful controlled substance such a marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, or ecstasy. If you are being charged with drug cultivation, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you planted, cultivated, harvested, or processed the drug.

One may also be charged with drug cultivation if found with chemicals that are used in drug manufacturing related to drug cultivation or processing.

As your defense lawyer, we contest and refute all the evidence presented against you and do everything we can to get you the best results possible. We will assert any and all defenses that are applicable to your case, one being to see if an illegal search was conducted that led to the charge of drug cultivation.

In any case, if you or someone you know is facing drug cultivation charges do not waste another second and contact our law firm to to set up a free consultation se we can further discuss your case.