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Federal Drug Cultivation Defense Lawyer

Drug cultivation, especially marijuana cultivation, has increased tremendously. The Federal Government is in hot pursuit of busting drug cultivation operations. The charge is serious and the penalties severe depending on the type and amount of drug cultivated.

Our federal lawyers are well equipped and have the necessary experience and skills to defend you if you are facing drug cultivation charges. It’s important to understand federal marijuana laws.

Drug cultivation occurs when a person grows and produces an unlawful controlled substance such a marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, or ecstasy.

If you are being charged with drug cultivation, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you planted, cultivated, harvested, or processed the drug. One may also be charged with drug cultivation if found with chemicals that are used in drug manufacturing related to drug cultivation or processing.

21 U.S. C. § 811 – Criteria for Classification of Substances

As it stands now, the feds see marijuana as illegal even though 46 states in the United States have legalized marijuana in some form or another.  However, there’s a bill pending in Congress right now that if granted would create a federal standard which would allow cannabis marijuana in certain circumstances. See related 21 U.S. Code § 811.

As it relates to California law and marijuana distribution/cultivation, usually where I see the feds going after things, and even the state, is when there are huge operations going on and thousands of dollars are being made.

That’s when the federal government, and again, even the state government feels they need to get involved.  When you’ve got drugs, guns and large quantities, that’s where there’s typically going to be some sort of a problem.

Also, if you’re distributing drugs from California to other states where it’s not legal, that can be a huge issue.  So, as it stands right now before you start making any moves related to marijuana in large scale, you have to be very careful.

Here in Los Angeles County there’s a lot of laws passed related to not permitting cannabis locations in downtown Los Angeles to sell marijuana unless they’re grandfathered in.  It’s very hard to get the license to sell in downtown Los Angeles, so a lot of people are being prosecuted in LA for illegally selling marijuana in dispensaries.

Case Review with an Experienced Federal Criminal Lawyer

So, as it stands right now, you would obviously want to be very careful before you would cultivate marijuana on a large scale, because again, the feds can just come in, take all the marijuana, arrest everybody involved and prosecute them.

So, that’s why I would suggest sitting down with a criminal defense attorney if you do have a large scale of marijuana cultivation case pending against you, get an attorney who has experience defending this area of the law and can fight for you.

Fight for your your rights, your freedom, your reputation and knows what it takes to defend these cases and get you the best possible result, including avoiding mandatory minimum sentence.

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As your defense lawyer, we contest and refute all the evidence presented against you and do everything we can to get you the best results possible. We will assert any and all defenses that are applicable to your case, one being to see if an illegal search was conducted that led to the charge of drug cultivation.

In any case, if you or someone you know is facing drug cultivation charges do not waste another second and contact the federal criminal attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm to set up a free consultation so we can further discuss your case.

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