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Ronald D. Hedding and Alex R. Kessel have both been successful criminal defense attorneys for many years. They have decided to team up in the Federal Criminal Defense arena and handle cases together. We encourage you to call and set up a free face to face, absolutely confidential consultation to discuss your federal matter with us.

Federal criminal defense has many unique elements that make it a very specialized field. Both Mr. Hedding and Mr. Kessel complement each other related to their individual skill sets. If you have a federal matter it is imperative that you immediately seek counsel from a federal criminal defense firm that has handle cases just like the one you are facing. Mr. Kessel and Mr. Hedding have tried federal cases as co-counsel in numerous serious federal matters and have the ability to present a powerful defense for their clients.

I’ve been practicing since the early 1990’s doing federal criminal cases.  My first of four children was born during a federal trial in downtown Los Angeles.  I know the court system well.  I know the lay of the land.  I know how federal prosecutors handle cases and I have a pretty good idea of how judges are going to handle cases based on my dealings with them, and obviously their reputation in the community.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Because these are federal cases, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines control and give you an idea of what someone’s going to be facing if they get convicted of a particular crime.  And those Federal Sentencing Guidelines are good nation-wide.  In other words, it’s the same Federal Sentencing Guidelines in every federal court across the nation.

I’ve been to many different courts so I think I have some pretty good experience.  When it comes to federal cases, I’ve been to probably over twenty different states.  I’ve been to courts all over California, obviously, because that’s where my main office is based out of, but when it comes to federal cases you can travel and I have clients flying in to meet with me.

I go meet with them, and really what we’re trying to do is figure out what can be done to put you in the best possible situation.  What strategies are we going to employ, and that’s done through talking to you and getting information about your case and getting a plan together.

Initial Call to Review Your Case

I’ve been practicing criminal defense for many years.  I have other attorneys that work with me.  Obviously research attorneys.  My father has been an attorney since the early 1970’s, but I’m the main attorney to handle the federal criminal cases.  So, if you’ve got a federal criminal case, give me a call.

If you’re call from another state, I don’t have a problem talking to you about the case over the phone to try to get a feel if I can help you and also to get a feel if you and I are the right match for each other related to your case.  Once we have a good idea that I can help you and that you’re looking for someone like me to help you, then obviously we will get a strategy together.  We’ll meet.  You can retain me and I’ll start working on your case with an eye to achieving the goals that you want in your federal case and doing everything possible.

The experience that our attorneys have in dealing with criminal cases relates to — I worked for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office in the early 1990’s and then also in the 1990’s, I worked for a Superior Court judge as his research attorney and right-hand man and I’ve done federal criminal defense cases since 1994.

So, I believe I have a lot of experience.  I have done many trials over the years, so I think the bottom line is that I’ve got experience and I work hard for my clients and I really try to get down to the meat of what the client needs and what makes sense under their circumstances.

Whenever you’re talking about solving a problem, I think the old adage, you know, that you want to get your road map together first before you set out on your journey, definitely makes sense to me in any federal criminal case anywhere in the nation, because you can try to file a bunch of motions or fight the case, but if you don’t have the grounds for it, and if ultimately the government has the evidence against you, all you’re going to do is anger everybody and put your client in a worse position.

Common Federal Criminal Cases We Handle

We handle a lot of drug-related offenses, a lot of theft-related offenses, like embezzlement, and other unique cases that involve either high dollars or moving money between state lines. I handle a lot of sex crimes involving the internet and child pornography. I have handled just about every type of federal case.

We handle federal cases in Los Angeles County as well as across the country. I have traveled throughout the nation dealing with federal cases. I know how to get other attorneys involved in the state where you need local counsel in order to assist you.

The United States is divided up into districts. Where your case occurred is going to determine in which district your case will be dealt with. Sometimes, an offense includes multiple jurisdictions. In that case, it is up to Federal law enforcement which jurisdiction they want to prosecute you in. There is what is called a Rule 29 Motion, which allows you to ask for your case to be moved to a closer jurisdiction. Of course, both districts have to agree to permit the case to be moved.

A lot of federal and state crimes are the same, meaning they could be prosecuted either at the federal or state level. The difference usually comes down to the scale. If the case includes a large amount of drugs or money, it will most likely be prosecuted federally.

First Meeting to Review Discovery

So, that first meeting — that first meeting when you’ve got all the discovery on the case — it’s all ultra-important because that’s when you’re going to try to decide what you’re going to do, how you’re going to litigate the case, whether you can win the case, whether it’s best to try to negotiate with the government.

Making these decisions as early as you possibly can is crucial because if you are going to negotiate with the government you probably don’t want to take offensive moves against them.  All that’s going to do is anger them and put them in an offensive position against you and your client.  If you can’t ultimately win that offensive position, then obviously it’s not a good idea to do that.

So, if you’re looking for somebody who fights hard for their clients, who has a lot of experience, who’s a straight-shooter, honest and can give you the information that you need to make an informed decision, you’ve come to the right place.

Pick up the phone and contact us.  Let’s talk over the phone or let’s talk face-to-face better yet.  We can go over your circumstances, go over your criminal history if you have any, and figure out exactly what the right moves are for you, and then once you retain me you’ll know what you need to do to help me and you’ll know what I’m going to be doing to put you in the best possible position, get you out of the federal criminal justice system as fast as possible, protect your rights, your reputation and your liberty.

Client Testimonial

“I found Ron here on this site and due to the other types of cases he was successful with, I chose him. He didn’t make a lot of promises on the phone and gave me a realistic impression of what I was in for, which was in contrast to some of the other shady characters I spoke with that promised me the moon. He made me feel confident that he would be able to get me the best possible outcome. Because of Ron’s reputation and YEARS of experience, he knows everyone at the DAs office and was able to get ahead of my case and get character reference letters to them before they filed the case. He was able to get the information I COULD NOT have gotten without him. Because of him, my case was never filed, I avoided fees, court, embarrassment and a record. He’s as good as the rest of the reviews here say. He DID in fact, get the best possible outcome for me and I feel He was worth every penny, I don’t feel like I’ve been used, I feel I’ve been supported, respected and properly represented. I’m staying anonymous, but this is a 100% REAL review with a real life scared as heck person, that got through this nightmare with Ron’s expertise and support.”

When you are the target of a federal investigation or pending federal case…there is no substitute for a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney. Prosecutors and federal agents have an endless supply of funds and manpower…you must do something to tip the scales of justice in your favor! One phone call…(213) 542-0994