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Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

Ronald D. Hedding and Alex R. Kessel have both been successful criminal defense attorneys for many years. They have decided to team up in the Federal Criminal Defense arena and handle cases together. We encourage you to call and set up a free face to face, absolutely confidential consultation to discuss your federal matter with us.

Federal criminal defense has many unique elements that make it a very specialized field. Both Mr. Hedding and Mr. Kessel complement each other related to their individual skill sets. If you have a federal matter it is imperative that you immediately seek counsel from a federal criminal defense firm that has handle cases just like the one you are facing. Mr. Kessel and Mr. Hedding have tried federal cases as co-counsel in numerous serious federal matters and have the ability to present a powerful defense for their clients.

When you are the target of a federal investigation or pending federal case…there is no substitute for a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney. Prosecutors and federal agents have an endless supply of funds and manpower…you must do something to tip the scales of justice in your favor! One phone call…(213) 542-0994