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Los Angeles Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Medicaid fraud is an intentional crime that has become increasingly common. Our federal criminal attorneys are familiar with federal laws pertaining to Medicaid fraud and we are experienced with federal court room procedures.

If you are facing Medicaid fraud charges, we can and will help you. we will thoroughly review your case and pinpoint any ambiguities and/or charges that have no merit. Our goal is to protect your rights, your freedom, and your reputation.

Medicaid fraud is to intentionally collect funds through billing for medical services or products that were never provided. Medicaid fraud is the theft of government money through false statements.

Others ways Medicaid fraud is committed is through filing false time sheets, billing for face to face visits never made, submitting billings for physician office visits when the clinic does not have any licensed physicians on staff.

Penalties for a conviction of Medicaid fraud can result in excessive fines and prison for a term of years, sometimes up to 5 years. Our law firm wants to prevent these severe penalties and fight these charges imposed against you.

If you or someone you know is facing Medicaid fraud charges, call the Hedding Law firm to discuss your case.

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