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Los Angeles Insurance Fraud Lawyer

Insurance fraud occurs often in the United States and as a result the Feds and Insurance companies are heavily monitoring any activity that gives rise to a suspicion of insurance fraud.

Our federal criminal lawyers have experience and knowledge on insurance fraud and we are familiar with all federal laws and procedures. We can effectively and competently represent you if you are facing insurance fraud charges.

If you attempt to fraudulently collect on an insurance policy by putting false information on an insurance application/policy, destroying property for the sole purpose of collecting insurance money, or faking an accident or injury you will be charged with insurance fraud.

A conviction of insurance fraud results in imprisonment, excessive fines, probation, parole, and restitution. This is why it is vital to retain an experience federal attorney who has a passion and zeal for the clients.

Our law firm are the ones that will always have your best interest as a top priority. We are honest about your case and options and we guarantee that we will do everything we can to get you the best results possible.

If you or someone you know is facing insurance fraud charges, call the Hedding Law firm to discuss the details of your case.