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Los Angeles Federal Criminal Attorneys

I have practiced federal criminal defense for many years in the Los Angeles Federal Court System.  If you are charged with committing a crime and your case is in one of the downtown federal courthouses in Los Angeles, you must act immediately to find a seasoned well-rounded federal criminal defense attorney.

I have successfully handled many cases in the Central District Federal Courts.  My credentials are among the top federal criminal defense attorneys.  Yet, my talents lie in my ability to interact with prosecutors, judges and juries in the federal criminal system.  The most successful attorneys must have the interpersonal skills to navigate a client through a system that can be very unforgiving.

Los Angeles California is a wonderful city to visit, but it is not a place you want to be charged with a federal crime.  The prosecutors, judges and juries do not have sympathy for you if you have committed a crime.  The only justice you will receive is that justice which your attorney seeks for you!  If you are facing federal criminal charges, I encourage you to contact me now to set up a free face to face consultation.  I will educate you on how the system works and give you an idea of what you are facing.

We will sit down and design a strategy to resolve your case and get you back to leading a normal life…free of the federal government.


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