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Los Angeles Extortion Criminal Defense Attorney

Extortion Charges and Penalties

Are you facing charges of the federal offense of extortion? If so, you would definitely need an experienced and well seasoned federal criminal defense attorney to get on board with you.

Our Los Angeles Federal Defense Attorneys are equipped with the necessary experience, skill, and knowledge to effectively and competently represent you. If you are facing extortion charges, it is important that you seek our services, because our Los Angeles Federal Defense Attorneys will do everything possible to get you favorable results.

Extortion (blackmail) is the gaining of property or money by threat of harm to person, property, or reputation or force. Displaying an immediate danger to the victim is not a necessary element to the charge of extortion but mere words of threat or use of force to gain property or money from another person suffices. A few examples of extortion are bribery, ransom, ad blackmail.

A conviction of the crime of extortion has some serious and severe penalties as high as up to 20 years in prison and excessive fines. As your Los Angeles Federal Defense Lawyer we do everything we can to avoid harsh penalties and get you favorable results.

Our Lawyers in Los Angeles are well seasoned and well educated on extortion laws and the federal system and how things work. We can definitely help you!

If you or someone you know is facing federal extortion charges, contact our
Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys and set up a free face to face consultation. We will get started on your case immediately.