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Consumer Fraud Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

Consumer fraud has become one of the most common white collar crimes. The consequences resulting from a conviction of consumer fraud are serious and require a federal defense attorney that has experience and knowledge on the federal laws concerning consumer fraud.

When you intentionally and knowingly deceive a person or group of persons for personal gain you may be charged with consumer fraud. These deceptions often are for the purpose of committing auction fraud, lottery scams, identity theft, Ponzi schemes, web scams, and more.

Regardless of the type of consumer fraud charge you are facing, it is necessary to obtain an experienced and aggressive consumer fraud federal defense lawyer.

Our federal attorneys have the necessary knowledge and skill to effectively and efficiently represent your consumer fraud case. In some cases, there might be months and even years of gathered evidence and our job and duty to you as our client is to fight and contest all the evidence presented against you.

Our goal and top priority is to get you the best results possible. We argue on your behalf aggressively and formulate a legal strategy to get you favorable results.