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Now for twenty-five years, I've been a California criminal defense attorney doing federal stuff in all the federal courts across California. I, of course, have also traveled to various states doing other federal matters, but since my main hub office here in Encino covers California very well, I've appeared all over California.

I've been in Los Angeles – obviously in the Central District at the Roy Ball Building and 111 North Hill – now that's been moved to First Street in a brand new beautiful Downtown Los Angeles Federal Courthouse and handled a number of matters in there since its inception.

Also, I've obviously been near the border near Mexico and El Centro handling a lot of narcotics cases. There's a lot of drugs moving through the California/Mexico border. I've handled to great success many cases over there and I've really enjoyed that. I've also handled matters in Orange County.

There's a beautiful Ronald Regan Courthouse out there – a beautiful courthouse – and I enjoy practicing federal criminal defense in that California Orange County courthouse. I've been to Fresno and handled cases in that jurisdiction as well. San Diego is another very popular California courthouse that I've appeared in.

So, the list goes on and on. There's a lot of federal action in the state of California. So, if you have a matter pending in one of the California federal courts and you are charged with a crime, obviously you're going to want to get a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with how to deal with these federal cases in California and is very familiar with the federal sentencing guidelines.

Learn That The Federal Sentencing Guidelines Are Universal Across California

When it comes to a sentencing in a federal case in California or any states in the nation, the federal sentencing guidelines are universal. Meaning, those are used across the country by judges. That's a key thing to know because you need to know the guidelines, know how they work, know what your criminal history is, know what your charges are and know what the base offense level is for the crime they are trying to get you for, then you will have an idea of where you fall in the big scheme as far as California federal sentencing goes.

So, when it comes to these federal sentencing and when it comes to litigating and investigating crimes in California, you should know that I would probably put California in the middle of the road as I've traveled across the country as far as toughness.

Of course, it really depends on what Judge you are in front of. Some of these judges are very tough and conservative and depending on what the crime is, they're going to deal with the person according. There're other judges that are very reasonable, easy to deal with and have a good attitude in California as far as what the sentencing should be.

Another thing that is interesting is I've seen a lot of California federal criminal Judges travel to different states and do sentencing there and do cases in various states. I'm sure we also have visiting Judges from other states coming into California and dealing with those federal courts as well.

Los Angeles Federal Criminal Attorneys

I have practiced federal criminal defense for many years in the Los Angeles Federal Court System.  If you are charged with committing a crime and your case is in one of the downtown federal courthouses in Los Angeles, you must act immediately to find a seasoned well-rounded federal criminal defense attorney. In some cases, we might be able to file motions in federal court on your behalf.

I have successfully handled many cases in the Central District Federal Courts.  My credentials are among the top federal criminal defense attorneys.  Yet, my talents lie in my ability to interact with prosecutors, judges and juries in the federal criminal system.  The most successful attorneys must have the interpersonal skills to navigate a client through a system that can be very unforgiving.

Los Angeles California is a wonderful city to visit, but it is not a place you want to be charged with a federal crime.  The prosecutors, judges and juries do not have sympathy for you if you have committed a crime.  The only justice you will receive is the justice which your attorney seeks for you!  If you are facing federal criminal charges, I encourage you to contact me now to set up a free face-to-face consultation.  I will educate you on how the system works and give you an idea of what you are facing.

We will sit down and design a strategy to resolve your case and get you back to leading a normal life…free of the federal government.

Contact a Federal Crime Lawyer for Help

So, if you have a federal case in California, what I have you to do is to come in or you can call over the phone and we can talk about which court you're in and who the Judge is. I can kind of give you a feel depending on what type of criminal case you have, what you're looking at, and whether the Judge is conservative or very reasonable. I'm very good at gauging that, having done this for twenty-five years now. I really definitely enjoy my job in practicing in the federal courts in California.

So, if you're interested in hiring a federal criminal defense attorney who has a lot of experience in federal court in the state of California, I suggest you give me a call. We'll sit down and go over everything, and we'll get our strategy together for exactly how we're going to handle your California federal case, what you can do to help me and what I'm going to do to help you get out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

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