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The Federal Government has very strict laws against insider trading because it does raise the cost of capital fir issuers of securities and decreases economic growth. Therefore, the Feds take extreme measures to enforce these laws and if you have been charged with insider trading by the government, it is important to retain a federal criminal defense lawyer.

Our law firm understands the federal laws and procedures that can be overwhelming and that is why we are available to assist you and help you. Our goal is to get you the best possible results as we fight and argue your case persistently and aggressively.

Insider trading occurs when a person has inside knowledge on a company’s dealings and uses that information to trade stocks. Through the course of insider trading, there is a breach of fiduciary duty because the person is using confidential, non public information for personal gain. Federal law makes it a crime to use inside information t buy or sell stocks.

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and many different stock exchanges monitor trading, looking for activity which is suspicious. Proving responsibility for inside trading is difficult and the burden of proof is on the prosecution. As your attorney, we use our skill and knowledge to formulate a legal strategy on your behalf. We want to get you the best results possible.

If you or someone you know is facing federal charges of insider trading, you do not have any time to waste. Call the Hedding Law Firm to learn how we can help you.