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Los Angeles Gang Crimes Defense Lawyer

Gang crimes are a serious federal offense that has life altering consequences. Our gang crime Federal Defense Attorneys can and will help you if you are facing gang crime charges. Our federal attorneys in Los Angeles are well known and well respected. We take all necessary measures to help our clients striving to get them the best possible results.

To be considered a gang by law, the group must be an ongoing organization or association of five or more people with its sole purpose being commitment of crimes.

Federal law describes gang crime as a felony involving a controlled substance, violence using physical force against another person, or a conspiracy to commit a felony involving a controlled substance or violence using physical force against another person.

A person who is convicted of gang crimes under Federal law will receive the punishment associated with that crime committed. If the crime was committed by a person who involve himself/herself in a criminal street gang knowingly, intends to advance the felonious activities of that street gang, and has been convicted in the last five years for one of the above offenses or any state offense involving the above crimes then the sentence of that person will be increased by up to ten years.

With our experience coupled up with our skill and knowledge, our defense attorneys can help you if you are facing a gang crime. We will fight aggressively and are insistent in getting you the best result possible.

We work hard and have a true passion and desire to help our clients. Our Federal Attorneys are equipped and we know and understand federal laws and the operation of the federal court system.

If you are facing gang crimes or any other federal crime, do not waste time or hesitate and the Hedding Law Firm for a free case evaluation.