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Federal Property Crimes

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Los Angeles Federal Property Crimes Attorney

At the Hedding Law Firm, we understand that difficult situation you are put in when facing a federal criminal charge. We also understand the team of prosecutors that come against you when any such crime is committed on federal or government property.

Federal Property Crime in Los Angeles

Any type of crime, such as but not limited to, theft, vandalism, arson, DUI, burglary, drug crimes, weapon charges, done on federal or government property may be charged as a federal property crime. Federal property crime convictions may result in serious penalties.

Federal Property includes, but not limited to, post offices, military bases, courthouses, national forests and parks, any federal administrative buildings,

Federal property crime is a federal offense as well as a felony and therefore if you are being charged you may face state penalties as well as federal penalties, which may result in years in prison and excessive fines.

Federal Property Crime Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you are being charged with a federal property crime it is very important that you have an aggressive and well experienced federal defense attorney on your side. Our defense lawyers have a combined 75 years of experience and we have handled thousands of criminal cases. We are knowledgeable of the federal system and we are confident that we can effectively defend your case.