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Federal Bank Fraud – 18 USC Section 1344

Federal bank fraud is more and more occurring across the United States and the feds obviously do not like it when banks are being defrauded out of money because they federally insure those banks, so indirectly the government is losing money on all these cases where people are stealing or tricking banks out of money.  Federal bank fraud can take many different forms.  Basically, it has to do with someone defrauding a financial institution for money, funds, credits, assets, security or some other type of property and there are all sorts of different schemes that the federal government guards against.

When it comes to federal bank fraud, a lot of times what they’re looking at in order to get the feds involved is the sophistication level of what is going on and also the amount of money that’s taken.  The more money that is taken from the bank, the more likely the FBI is going to come in to play and start the investigation.  This is significant because the FBI has a lot of different investigative tools available to them and manpower available to them that the states simply do not possess.  Obviously, they are going to pull all the cameras in the bank if the fraud takes place inside the bank and they have all sorts of surveillance that they can use and other investigative tools that are very sophisticated and can get results when it comes to a federal bank fraud investigation.

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If You’re Charged with Federal Bank Fraud,

What are some things you can do to Defend Yourself?

Obviously, the first thing you want to do if you’re facing a federal bank fraud charge is sit down with a criminal defense attorney who does federal litigation and who also has handled bank fraud cases at the federal level.  The state and the feds are very different, and you definitely want somebody who is familiar with how a federal case is prosecuted, especially when it comes to bank fraud.  As indicated above, a lot of what they are looking at in a federal bank fraud case is the amount of what is taken.  As the amount goes higher, the potential punishment goes higher for the person that’s involved with it.  A lot of times I see large conspiracies where multiple people are involved – thousands, even millions of dollars are being taken from a bank or banks – and that’s when the feds get involved.  As soon as it hits interstate commerce, as soon as it hits a bank, the federal government is going to become involved.  They have all sorts of assets available to investigate these cases through surveillance, wire-tapping, phone pinging, and obviously using the cameras within the bank.  So, if you’re charged with federal bank fraud, you get in front of an attorney and give him all the information that you have related to your case and then you both come up with a game plan on exactly how you’re going to deal with the case.

It’s crucial that you are honest with your attorney when you’re charged with a federal bank fraud case and give them all the details and facts necessary to properly defend you.  Also, don’t omit anything or try to put a spin on what happened.  Really let them know what happened.  When I defense these cases, when my clients give me all the information, obviously this starts to level the playing field so that I can really defend the case for them and deal with the federal government.

What I like to decide from the outset in a federal bank fraud case is – are we going to try to get a not guilty verdict at a jury trial, or are we going to try to work out some sort of a deal with the feds.  Once I have this information, then I can tell you what you can do to help me, and I can give you an idea of what I’m going to do to help you.  Then we can work together as a team in order to get the best possible result in your federal bank fraud case.  We’ll sit down, dissect the evidence together and then make the decisions that are necessary for you to get the best result.

Bank Fraud Charges

Bank fraud is very serious and if not handled properly can result in a 30 years prison sentence and a fine of up to $1 million. Federal agencies find it very offensive and take it very seriously when a federally insured bank is defrauded and for this reason, prosecutors do everything they can to have the alleged suspect convicted.

Bank Fraud has many different tactics such as wire fraud or mail fraud through a bank; forging checks; creating false documents or counterfeiting documents such as loan documents.

Retain the Services of an Experienced Federal Lawyer

If you are facing bank fraud charges, it is very important that you hire a Defense Attorney that is not only experienced but knowledgeable on all federal law and court procedures. Things in federal court are handled differently especially when it comes to cases like fraud.

The Hedding Law Firm can provide the assistance and services you will need. We guarantee to provide dedicated representation. Call and set up a free initial consultation.

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