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When Do Drug Charges Become Federal Crimes?

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Federal drug charges usually involve large quantities of drugs, conspiracies involving several people, large dollar amounts, and weapons. Interestingly enough, however, many cases involving these components have been prosecuted at the state level. In general, the Feds are better equipped to handle more serious drug cases that involve higher levels of sophistication and interstate transportation.

Why Does It Matter So Much If My Drug Charges Are Charged At The Federal Level?

Federal drug charges are accompanied by mandatory minimum sentences. For example, if someone is found in possession of cocaine but has no prior criminal history, they could still face a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence at 85 percent. When it comes to investigating and proving cases, the Feds are very thorough, and as a result, they build strong cases against defendants. In addition, the Feds spend significant amounts of time and money on their investigations, so they will want a result that will compensate them for that cost. If someone is facing a federal drug charge or knows that they were part of a drug conspiracy—even if they only played a very small role—they should obtain an attorney right away.

When Do Search And Seizure Laws Come Into Play In A Federal Drug Case?

With every federal drug case that I handle, one of the first things I consider is whether or not the search and seizure was conducted lawfully. As citizens, we have a right to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. We have a Fourth Amendment right to privacy. An individual who believes their rights have been violated should hire a federal criminal defense lawyer who will be able to challenge any unwarranted or unlawful act by the government.

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