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What Types Of Crimes Would Be Considered Federal Fraud Cases?

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Federal fraud cases involve the use of illegal schemes in order to acquire goods or money, such as providing false identification or stealing someone’s bank information. The Feds certainly won’t prosecute every fraud case across the country, but will typically prosecute those that involve a level of sophistication and significant amounts of money. For example, large corporations that steal millions of dollars are more likely to be prosecuted at the federal level than at the state level.

What Makes A Fraud Charge A Federal Matter?

High levels of complexity and sophistication, as well as high amounts of loss will make fraud issues federal matters. The Feds have the resources, manpower, and expertise to investigate fraud cases at the high-end level. Should you cooperate with federal agents who are investigating? If someone is dealing with a federal fraud case and is unsure of how to proceed with it, they should contact an attorney who can help them get it all under control.

What Are The Federal Sentencing Guidelines If Convicted?

The federal sentencing guidelines are used across the country. The specific guidelines that will apply to a specific case of fraud will depend on a number of factors, including the type of fraud perpetrated, the amount of loss, and the perpetrator’s criminal record. The higher the loss, the higher the offense level will be, which will translate to more points and longer sentences. In order to determine which guidelines will apply to a particular charge, a defendant should speak with a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney who can obtain the relevant facts and circumstances and begin the process of determining their base offense level, the aggravating factors involved, and what could potentially be used to mitigate the charge.

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