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What Is Drug Trafficking? What Makes It A Federal Crime?

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Drug trafficking is an umbrella term that the federal government uses when people are involved in selling and moving drugs throughout states and across state lines. For example, many people will grow large amounts of marijuana in one state before moving and selling it in a different state. Several people are involved in an act of drug trafficking, including those who manufacture the drugs, transport the drugs, sell the drugs, and use the drugs.

Over the last few decades, the American government has really gone to war against drugs, and that’s not going to change. Many people do not realize how damaging a federal-level drug conviction can be, especially since there are mandatory minimum sentences that will be imposed. A person who has been convicted of this type of crime will likely have to serve 85 percent of the sentence they receive, will lose their privilege to vote, be disallowed from ever owning or using a weapon, and will be supervised by a probation department.

If I Am Found Or Plead Guilty To A Federal Drug Charge, Can I Appeal It At A Federal Level?

If someone has been found or pleads guilty to a drug charge, they will have the opportunity to appeal the case. However, once someone pleads to a drug charge and works out a deal with the government, their appellate rights will be waived and it will be very difficult to appeal at that point. In order to do so, they would have to mount an ineffective assistance of counsel argument, which is a very tough standard to meet.

If someone loses a case at trial, it could certainly be appealed for a number of reasons, such as a bad ruling, the admission of evidence that should have been barred, or the absence of evidence that would have supported their argument. In order to appeal a case, notice of the intent to appeal must be submitted within a certain amount of time, and an opening brief would have to be filed. In addition, there are numerous procedural rules that apply when it comes to federal appellate work. It will be necessary to obtain a lawyer who specializes in and understands the process of federal appeals. An appellate lawyer will review the entire trial transcript and speak with the original defense lawyer in order to determine whether or not there is a solid basis upon which to argue an appeal.

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