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What Is Considered Embezzlement Under Federal Law?

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Embezzlement is stealing some form of money or property. Usually, an embezzler is someone in a position of trust who is taking money, property, or goods from the business they are employed by. Generally, the federal government is not going to get involved in an embezzlement charge unless it involves a large amount of money. Embezzlement cases at the federal level concern thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you’ve got an embezzlement charge at the federal level, one option that could help you is to pay back the money. A lot of times, we negotiate deals in federal court where the money is paid back before the person enters into a plea agreement or the money is paid back as part of the plea agreement. For the federal prosecutors, getting that money back for the victim is huge. Most of the time, they are willing to give people a chance and not send them to prison for a long period of time. If you have a federal embezzlement case, it’s crucial that you speak with a criminal defense attorney to get your strategy together right from the beginning.

When Does Embezzlement or Fraud Become A Federal Offense Rather Than State?

If you commit embezzlement as an employee, charges will be filed against you in the particular courthouse that has jurisdiction over the area where the money was taken. To make it a federal charge, you are usually going to need some sort of sophistication, where you were doing it on a large scale, a lot of money has been taken, and different bank accounts are being used. The federal government is only going to use its resources when the state government can’t handle a case because it requires specialized experts or large amounts of manpower.

The federal government has the FBI and other investigative bodies that can really dig into tough cases. When they are complex, it takes skill, time, patience, and effort to investigate. A lot of times, local police departments do not have the manpower to get involved. Sometimes, the local police have to investigate these cases for years, whereas federal agencies can dive in and get them resolved in a matter of months. You are only going to see the federal government become involved when you have a case with sophistication, complexity, and large-scale loss.

What Are The Legal Consequences For A Felony Embezzlement?

In felony embezzlement at the federal level, you are typically going to be looking at a significant amount of time in federal custody. In order to determine that time and get an idea of the sentence you are facing, you need to sit down with a federal criminal defense attorney and have them explain the federal sentencing guidelines. It will calculate a base offense level and then add any enhancements. The more money you allegedly took, the higher your exposure is going to be. For example, you may be facing somewhere between 30 and 37 months, according to the guidelines. However, the reality is that the federal judge will ultimately decide what the sentence is and he or she is not limited to the federal sentencing guidelines.

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