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What Exactly Is Money Laundering Under Federal Law?

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Money laundering occurs when a person wires money in an illegal manner and then tries to cloak that money so that the federal government can’t track or tax it. There are several forms of money laundering. Since laundering money prevents the federal government from taxing that money, they lose money as a result of it and therefore consider it to be a very serious crime.

What Are Federal Sentencing Guidelines For A Money Laundering Conviction?

The federal sentencing guidelines for money laundering are used nationwide and help guide judges in their determinations of what the sentence should be for a particular crime. However, there is case law that allows judges to impose sentences that are more or less severe than the guidelines indicate. A base-level offense is attached in all instances of money laundering, but the ultimate sentence will depend on a number of factors, such as the amount of money involved, whether the defendant accepts responsibility for the crime, and whether they have a prior criminal record.

Is There A Statute Of Limitations On Money Laundering Charges Under Federal Law?

There is typically a statute of limitations on money laundering charges under federal law, but it doesn’t apply until the federal government finds out about the illegal activity. The government is permitted to carry out investigations for a couple of years as long as they are able to justify why that’s necessary. The defense has the ability to defend themselves by locating witnesses and obtaining evidence. There are certain motions that can be filed in order to posit that the government has delayed prosecution, but the federal government is usually given a reasonable amount of time to investigate.

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