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What Are The Common Federal Criminal Cases That Your Firm Handles?

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We handle a lot of drug-related offenses, a lot of theft-related offenses, like embezzlement, and other unique cases that involve either high dollars or moving money between state lines. I handle a lot of sex crimes involving the internet and child pornography. I have handled just about every type of federal case.

Does Your Firm Handle Federal Criminal Cases In Los Angeles County Or Across The Country?

We handle federal cases in Los Angeles County as well as across the country. I have travelled throughout the nation dealing with federal cases. I know how to get other attorneys involved in the state where you need local counsel in order to assist you.

I Was Charged With A Federal Crime, Where Will My Case Actually Be Heard?

The United States is divided up into districts. Where your case occurred is going to determine in which district your case will be dealt with. Sometimes, an offense includes multiple jurisdictions. In that case, it is up to Federal law enforcement which jurisdiction they want to prosecute you in. There is what is called a Rule 29 Motion, which allows you to ask for your case to be moved to a closer jurisdiction. Of course, both districts have to agree to permit the case to be moved.

What Are The Differences Between Federal And State Crimes?

A lot of federal and state crimes are the same, meaning they could be prosecuted either at the federal or state level. The difference usually comes down to the scale. If the case includes a large amount of drugs or money, it will most likely be prosecuted federally.

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