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What Are Some Cyber Crimes That May Be Charged Federally?

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Computer crimes are becoming increasingly common but are still fairly new, and as such, the laws that apply to them are still being developed. Federal agents are the leading authorities in the investigation of computer crimes, whether these crimes involve stealing money from banks, extortion, or sending fake emails. If a computer crime occurs across state lines, then federal agents automatically have jurisdiction over the case. The federal government is sophisticated and well-equipped with the best technology and a surplus of funds for the purposes of investigating and convicting people of cyber crimes.

The sentences for cyber crimes will depend on the amount of loss, the amount that the defendant attempted to steal, the defendant’s prior criminal record, how many people were impacted by the perpetrator’s actions, and the level of sophistication shown by the crime. If someone is being investigated for a computer crime, they should obtain an attorney, discuss all the details of the case, and begin devising the best strategy.

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