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Interviews With Ron Hedding

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Federal Criminal Defense Interviews

These interviews are meant to give you some real practical information related to federal criminal defense and specific issues that you might be concerned about if you or a loved one has a federal criminal case pending in Los Angeles or anywhere in the nation for that matter.

Basically, questions have been posed to me having done federal criminal defense now for over twenty-five years and been to various states throughout the nation in all sorts of different matters, and these questions are meant to mirror questions that people might have that are concerned about a federal criminal case that they or someone they know has to try to give you some practical information.

Of course, the best way to handle the case is to sit down with a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney — whether that be me or somebody else — and ask them the question and obviously give them information related to you, your case, your background.  Then you can really get a full detailed answer.

So, these answers are really meant to try to give you a little bit of foundation and to help as one step in the process of trying to figure out the best way to handle your federal criminal case.  But, if you really want to get into it, your best bet is to call and set up a face-to-face meeting and then we can really get into the details of your federal criminal case.

There really aren’t any cookie-cutter answers when trying to figure out how to deal with a federal case at the criminal level because there’s so many different factors that can be involved.  When you’re talking about a case, you’re obviously looking at what happened, what evidence the government has against you and what evidence you might have to be able to defend yourself.

Negotiating with Federal Prosecutor

Probably one of the first things you want to try to figure out is, is it the type of case where you’re going to be negotiating with the government and trying to resolve things in a light most favorable to you or is it a case that you’re trying to fight, file all of the motions you can, go to trial and show that you’re innocent of whatever those charges may be.

Sometimes it’s kind of a case in the middle.  You’re going to do the best damage that you can to the government’s case and then once you’re done with doing that damage, the next thing you’re going to do is trying to negotiate with the government once you’ve weakened their case.  So, this is obviously something your going to want to sit down and talk to your attorney about and make the decision that makes the most sense for you and your circumstances.

Once you’ve made that decision, once you’ve decided exactly how you’re going to handle your federal criminal case, then obviously you and your attorney are going to move forward and you’re going to do everything possible to get the best possible result.  So, if you’ve seen some things in these interviews that touch on your case you’re looking to hire a federal criminal defense attorney to help you or a loved one, pick up the phone.

Give us a call.  I can do the meeting or the interview over the phone.  We can obviously have you come in face-to-face to sit down and talk about it, and a lot of these things I will do free of charge — give you what’s called a free consultation where we talk about your case and see if I’m a right fit for you and if I can really actually help you with your federal criminal case.

Once you make the decision to hire myself, the Hedding Law Firm, I think you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable about your situation, your circumstances, because now you’re going to have somebody on your side who knows the federal criminal system, knows what it takes to be successful and is obviously going to have an eye towards helping you — protecting your record, your rights, your freedom — all of the things that you hold dear, and really trying to get you a result that makes sense under your case and puts you in the best position to get out of the federal criminal system as soon as possible.

Interviews with Ronald Hedding, Esq.