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I Am Accused Of Putting A Sex Tape Of My Ex Online. Is That A Federal Offense?

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Putting a sex tape of an ex-partner online falls into the category of revenge porn, which is illegal if posted without the other person’s permission. If it can be proven that someone posted the images or video, then they could be prosecuted under the revenge porn statute. Federal agents do not usually get involved with these types of cases; state governments have special sex crime units that prosecute these types of crimes. Since the technology for tracking posts online has improved, these charges are being brought much more frequently. Proving that a particular person posted content online involves locating the IP address of the individual’s computer or device.

Someone Sent Me Pictures Of Child Pornography. Will I be Charged With A Federal Sex offense?

If someone has been sent child pornography or accidentally downloads child pornography, they shouldn’t be charged with a federal offense. However, the difficulty is in proving why the pornography was sent to them and proving that they did not request it. When people get in trouble for federal sex crimes associated with pornography, it is usually because they downloaded and saved it to their computer; this makes is very easy for federal agents to execute search warrants. Even if someone deletes pornography after having downloaded it, forensic experts working for federal agencies will be able to find evidence of it having been deleted, and they will be able to proceed with prosecution. If someone mistakenly receives child pornography and does not download or keep it on their computer, then they will have a good defense.

I Accidentally Accessed A Child Pornography Site. Could I Be Charged With A Federal Crime In This Case?

If it can be shown that a person accidentally accessed a site, then they will not get charged with a federal crime. However, if they downloaded or stored child pornography on their computer, then they will have a really hard time proving that they accidentally accessed it. People accidentally stumble onto things all the time; there are all sorts of spyware and viruses that can get on a person’s computer and federal agents know this.

How Much Does Knowledge Of IT Come Into Play In Internet Sex Crime Cases?

In some cases, it’s important to have a forensic expert examine the computers that have been seized in sex crime investigations. This is because people will claim that they mistakenly downloaded content, or there might otherwise be a question as to whether or not someone else sent content to an individual. The defense can also hire their own forensic expert in order to challenge the prosecution’s expert. For more information on Putting A Sex Tape Of Your Ex Online, a free initial consultation is your best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (213) 542-0994 today.

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