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How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Case If I Am Charged With A Federal Offense?

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The length of a federal offense case will depend on the type of crime involved, the amount of discovery to be reviewed, the amount of time it takes to complete a thorough investigation, and whether the judge who is handling the case will make the attorneys move quickly.

An average case that does not involve an extensive investigation or several defendants will usually be resolved within about nine months, whereas more involved cases could take two years. In order for a defendant to get an idea of how long their case will take, they should discuss the details with an attorney who is familiar with the judge and prosecutors involved.

Should I Accept The Plea Deal Offered In My Federal Criminal Case?

When dealing with a federal criminal case, one of the first things a defendant should do is sit down with their attorney and decide right from the beginning whether they want to accept a plea deal or fight the case. If they decide to accept a plea deal, they should allow their attorney to guide them through the plea process. The attorney will discuss the terms of the plea agreement with a federal prosecutor called the Assistant United States Attorney, and will review all aspects of it with the defendant so they can make an informed decision.

If I Lose My Trial Or Plead Guilty But Am Not Satisfied, Is There Any Recourse Available?

Once a defendant has been found guilty and sentenced by a judge, they will have the right to obtain an appellate lawyer who will review the case and make a decision as to whether there are any issues that can be litigated at the appellate level. If a defendant accepted a plea agreement, then their ability to appeal will be severely limited by the stipulations within the plea agreement. In order to ensure that a defendant will be comfortable with the outcome of a case, it is crucial that they obtain an attorney who will be honest with them and explain all of the options.

Will I Have To Serve My Entire Sentence In A Federal Case?

When sentenced at the federal level, a defendant will usually have to serve 85 percent of that sentence. However, if someone has a drug problem, then they may be able to enter a program called ARDAP, which can be used as a substitute for a portion of the sentence and provides assistance dealing with the drug problem. In other cases, a defendant may be able to enter a halfway house in order to avoid serving a full prison sentence.

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