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Could My Federal Drug Case Ever Be Reduced To A State-Level Charge?

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State-level charges are often elevated to federal-level charges, but rarely are federal-level charges reduced to state-level charges. If the latter were to occur, it would probably be because the defendant was cooperative with the federal government, perhaps by helping them to prosecute others who were involved in the commission of the same or similar crimes.

Will Drug Scheduling Affect The Penalties That I Might Face For A Federal Drug Conviction?

The federal government has established certain mandatory minimum sentences based on the type and amount of drug involved, weapon involvement, and prior drug-related convictions. Each of these factors will affect the penalties that a convicted individual will face.

In Addition To A Drug Crime At The Federal Level, Why Am I Being Charged With Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, And Charges Under The Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act?

Drug charges are often associated with tax evasion and money laundering charges because someone who obtains money illegally is more likely to have it laundered and less likely to report it as income to the federal government. The government needs to know about money that someone gives or receives, and will typically get a portion of it. If someone avoids giving the government their portion of money in a transaction, the government will arrest, prosecute, and attempt to obtain that money from them. The IRS will get involved and do everything possible to get their money back, which includes filing tax evasion charges in order to freeze a person’s bank accounts and seize and forfeit their money.

Racketeering charges arise when people band together in a group and conspire to commit a criminal act. People are much more dangerous when they are part of a larger group, and oftentimes lives end up being lost, people get threatened, more damage is done, more money is obtained, and more drugs are moved. Big drug cases usually involve racketeering charges and the use of force, violence, and threats so that large amounts of drugs can be moved without anything being stolen. It is not uncommon for drug dealers to get robbed, and the government is aware of this. If someone wants to properly defend themselves against these types of charges, it is their responsibility to obtain the best possible criminal defense attorney.

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