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Why Is Wire Fraud Generally A Federal Offense?

Wire fraud is a federal offense due to the different jurisdictions that are involved and the sophistication of those types of cases. Anything that involves computers and moving things across state lines, the feds will usually get involved because they have the ability to tackle criminal issues that are both sophisticated and involve different jurisdictions. Our federal criminal defense lawyers are providing an overview below. If the crime is a wire fraud federal case, then law enforcement, the FBI, and Homeland Security will use certain methods to be able to figure out what the person did. If it involves high...

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Federal Internet Dating Scam Defense

There’s a number of scams going on the internet right now involving dating and people who are falling prey to individuals who are posing as legitimate dating sites for individuals who are interested in meeting somebody, and then the person ends up sending some sort of money and/or depositing money in their bank account and then it turns out to be a fraudulent dating scheme. If you find yourself being prosecuted for this particular crime, obviously you’re going to want to get to a federal criminal defense attorney as fast as possible.  You may have some defenses related to this...

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