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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Fraud Cases

Are There Any Trends In The Federal Realm Between Everything That’s Happened In 2020 With The PPP Loan Frauds? Is There Any Type Of Case That The Federal Government Is Going After More? The federal government is definitely investigating any type of fraud that’s related to the funds that were given out, such as SBA loans, PPP loans, and unemployment benefits given to individuals. It is definitely on their radar to investigate people who are claiming unemployment when they’re really not unemployed. When you compare the federal to state, the mechanisms that deal with criminal cases have really been affected the most....

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What Exactly Is Considered Tax Fraud?

When people think of tax fraud, they often think of the federal government. If you are being charged with a federal criminal case, the federal government is probably the entity that will prosecute your case. If you are being charged with tax fraud related to the EDD or the state of California, then the state might handle your case and try it in downtown Los Angeles, at 210 West Temple Street. Tax evasion cases are usually federal. Many people make large amounts of money and don’t want to pay taxes to their government. Once the government finds out, they will...

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Federal Ponzi Scheme Crimes

A lot of people nowadays are getting entrapped in the government’s net of prosecuting the so-called Ponzi schemes.  Basically, it is where people are purportedly involved in some sort of a legitimate business venture and they end up taking investors. Those investors pay money in hopes of getting dividends, high quick profits — huge percentages on their money.  Of course, the person who’s operating the Ponzi scheme usually makes a lot of grandiose promises and shows the potential would-be investor some dividends and some things that have happened regarding the property and obviously have a big hyped up story about...

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What Exactly is the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute?

People working in the medical or health industry often take money from the government for various reasons, whether it be through Medicare or Medicaid. This person cannot be giving kickbacks to anyone in order to get that person to perform any type of medical services. An example would be a doctor giving kickbacks to anyone who is sending them patients. A violation of the anti-kickback statute could be both a civil and a criminal offense. For example, if someone is getting kickbacks and it relates to government aid, they can be charged criminally. Usually, there is an investigation done by...

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What to do if Charged With Violating the Anti-Kickback Statute?

These cases are prosecuted more and more at the healthcare level and we’re seeing a lot of physicians and doctors being charged both civilly and criminally where they’re facing thousands of dollars of fines at the civil level and then the criminal prosecutors get their hands on the case and then the person is looking at not only fines, but also potential federal criminal custody time served at 85% of the time. This really has to do with abusing government health care programs.  In other words, you have programs like Medicare for example, where patients, doctors can get money from...

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What Makes Health Care Fraud a Federal Crime?

What Are Some Examples Of Charges Brought Under Health Care Fraud By A Consumer, Patient, Or A Doctor? When it comes to health care fraud, especially at the federal level, the government is sending a benefit to somebody that shouldn’t be getting that benefit. For example, maybe a doctor is billing Medicare or Medicaid improperly. By doing so, they’re getting a lot of money from the government while no patient is receiving treatment. Also, if they were splitting the profits with the patient, or the patient knew that the government agency was being improperly billed, they could go after the...

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What is Bankruptcy Fraud Under Federal Law?

In my experience, bankruptcy fraud is usually prosecuted at the federal level. Of course, it has to do with individuals who are trying to utilize the bankruptcy system in a fraudulent manner. For example, making claims that they are not receiving money, don’t have money, or filling up paperwork to try to file for bankruptcy to avoid debts, is considered bankruptcy fraud under 18 U.S.C. § 157. The government then becomes aware of the fact, and they make it clear that the person either lied on paperwork, or is not telling the truth about certain assets or money that they...

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Why Is Wire Fraud Generally A Federal Offense?

Wire fraud is a federal offense due to the different jurisdictions that are involved and the sophistication of those types of cases. Anything that involves computers and moving things across state lines, the feds will usually get involved because they have the ability to tackle criminal issues that are both sophisticated and involve different jurisdictions. Our federal criminal defense lawyers are providing an overview below. If the crime is a wire fraud federal case, then law enforcement, the FBI, and Homeland Security will use certain methods to be able to figure out what the person did. If it involves high...

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Federal Internet Dating Scam Defense

There’s a number of scams going on the internet right now involving dating and people who are falling prey to individuals who are posing as legitimate dating sites for individuals who are interested in meeting somebody, and then the person ends up sending some sort of money and/or depositing money in their bank account and then it turns out to be a fraudulent dating scheme. If you find yourself being prosecuted for this particular crime, obviously you’re going to want to get to a federal criminal defense attorney as fast as possible.  You may have some defenses related to this...

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