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When Does The Plea Bargaining Process Start In A Federal Case?

After the client initially appears and the judge determines whether they are to be released or to stay in custody, the client and the attorney are given the indictment in the case, which is the charging document. The prosecutors have to get all the paperwork related to the case to the attorney and the attorney will review it with their client and make a decision on whether it’s the type of case that they want to negotiate or if they should fight the case. Negotiation with Federal Prosecutor on Plea Agreement If it is decided that it is in the...

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Federal Criminal Defense of Law Enforcement Officers

In the twenty-five years that I’ve been defending police officers who have been charged I’ve noticed that a lot of times once a police officer is charged, unfortunately they are treated and viewed as the very criminals that they are sworn to protect society against. I really think it does them a disservice because the prosecutors tend to lose sight of the fact that these individuals have helped the community for many years and it’s not fair to just jump to the conclusion that all of a sudden they’re a criminal just because somebody made a filing decision to charge...

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Have You Been Arrested and Under Investigation

Say nothing to the police! At the time of arrest, the goal of most police officers when talking to you and asking you questions is to get you to say self incriminating statements. For this reason, once they have your basic information, you do not have to explain anything. Everything you say, even things to show or innocence, will somehow be used against you. Stay quiet, and contact an attorney immediately. To have a qualified and skilled attorney fighting for you is the wisest thing you can do when being charged with a federal crime. When it comes to federal...

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