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What Factors Determine How Child Pornography is Prosecuted?

What Determines Whether a Child Pornography Prosecution Is Dealt with by the Federal Government or the State? This is a big question because a lot of times what’s happening is, someone is coming to a person’s house or business, arresting that person or simply searching their house. They are taking computers, phones, tablets, trying to get a statement from the person and hopefully the person is not stupid enough to give a statement because that’s usually more evidence to prove that whatever computers they’re taking are their computer and a lot of times people even admit when it comes to...

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What Does It Take to Win a Federal Criminal Jury Trial?

I’ve been practicing federal law now for over 25 years and have handled numerous cases around the nation, many jury trials, and I believe that the first thing you need to win a federal criminal case is a solid argument that strikes at the heart of the prosecution’s theory against you. In other words, the prosecutors will file certain criminal charges against you.  You have to have a defense in your federal criminal case that the jury can relate to that basically negates or nullifies the government’s evidence against you. The government will surely have witnesses.  They will have a...

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Pre-Trial Motions in Federal Criminal Cases

Any time you’re indicted for a federal case in Los Angeles, or anywhere in the nation for that matter, typically you will appear for your post-indictment arraignment.  You will eventually be assigned a judge and then the prosecutors will be ordered to give all the discovery related to the case to your attorney. That’s basically all of the information — whether it be police reports, surveillance videos, wire tap evidence — whatever information they have.  The prosecutor — the Assistant United States Attorney — in a federal case is going to have the responsibility for turning that over. Once your...

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Federal Criminal Gang Prosecutions

For the last 25+ years, I’ve handled gang-related cases at both the state and federal level.  The feds got involved with prosecuting gangs approximately 15 years ago, especially here in Los Angeles, but not just Los Angeles — across the country. They really have found themselves more suitable to deal with gang-related offenses than the state because a lot of times the gangs are sophisticated, are working with a lot of members. Some of the the gangs I’ve seen have over 150+ gang members.  So, the prosecutors realize that the state simply is not equipped to deal with such a...

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Federal Prosecution of Child Pornography Charges

What Can You Be Prosecuted for By the Federal Government if You’re Caught With Child Pornography on Your Computer or Other Device? I’ve represented these cases since they came into existence and what ends up happening a lot of times is somehow the feds become aware that you are involved with child pornography. Either you happen on some sort of a site or an App that they’ve taken over and arrested people on, or you start communicating with the feds themselves and they end up coming to serve a search warrant at your home. Another thing I’ve seen on some...

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COVID-19 Office Procedures

Should I Wait To Get A Federal Defense Attorney Until This Is All Over Or Should I Hire One Now? You should not wait to get a federal defense attorney until Covid-19 is over. We are available if you have a federal case. If either you or a loved one is under investigation, or there is a federal case pending, we are still available to deal with those cases. We will try to get you or your loved one out of custody, keep you or them out of custody, and make the right moves despite the fact that the coronavirus...

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What Happens Pre-Filing in a Federal Criminal Case?

This is an important aspect of any federal case and that is, what the federal government agents are doing before the case is even filed.  I get a lot of clients who come to me pre-filing at the investigative stage and they’re really not sure what to do.  They know that the feds are investigating them. They’ve either tried to talk to them or have talked to them.  They’ve reached out to people that they know, witnesses, their employees. So, the person gets wind of the fact that the federal government — the FBI, the DEA — or whatever federal...

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How is Bail Determined in Federal Criminal Cases?

What ends up happening is somebody gets arrested and then the US Marshals or the FBI or whoever is doing the arresting is typically going to take them into court.  In Los Angeles, they usually get you into court the same day in the afternoon for the 2:00 calendar Then what happens is the pre-trial services officers are going to be evaluating you and they’re going to write a report for the judge and then the magistrate or the judge is going to decide whether or not they’re going to give you a bail or whether you’re going to be...

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Out of State Federal Criminal Defense

I’ve handled a lot of out of state cases, even though I’m based out of Los Angeles, if people want me to go and represent them, obviously, as long as they can financially afford me and it’s the type of case that I enjoy defending. It really doesn’t matter whether your attorney is from in or out of state when it comes to federal criminal defense because it’s the same sentencing guidelines across the nation that the judges use to sentence all federal criminal defendants and it’s pretty much the same law. Some of the courts may have different rules,...

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When Should You Take Your Federal Criminal Case to Trial?

This is an important question because a lot of times people don’t want to plead guilty.  They don’t want to go to federal prison and serve 85% of the time and the bottom line is, they don’t feel like they’ve done anything wrong. So, they’re thinking about taking their case to trial, and obviously, the short answer to that question is, you take your federal criminal case to trial when you have a good chance of winning. To give readers a better understanding of when you should take your case to trial, our federal criminal defense attorneys are providing an...

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