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What to Do If You Are Facing Federal Drug Charges?

This is a big issue that I’ve had to deal with over the course of the last 26 years that I’ve been a federal criminal defense attorney.  A lot of people or their families have been arrested and they’re in custody and they’re trying to find a lawyer. Sometimes, they are even the actual person themselves who’s been charged or arrested give me a call and we have to figure out what we’re going to do, step-by-step to best deal with your federal drug charge. Sometimes you can’t even get to an attorney right away, so you have to make...

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How to Beat the 10-Year Mandatory Sentence in a Federal Drug Case

One of the big stings about all the drug laws that were changed and passed in the 1980s during the Regan administration had to do with 10-year mandatory minimums being placed on some drug offenses. Really what they’re looking at is the type of drug that’s being sold, trafficked, transported for purposes of sale. Then, depending on what type of drug it is, they put a certain weight on each drug. If it meets that weight and they can prove that you or any of your individuals associated with you are conspiring to traffic drugs and it meets a certain...

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Modern Federal Drug Conspiracy Defense

I call this the modern federal drug conspiracy because I’ve been doing drug conspiracy cases now for the last 26 years and I’ve seen them develop in a lot of different ways. The federal government has to keep pace with those individuals who are moving drugs throughout not just California or the United States, but internationally.  There’s a lot of drugs, and I’ve defended people who are alleged to be bringing drugs in from out of the country. In order to track this type of movement and the sophisticated ways that drug traffickers use to be able to avoid police...

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How are Huge Federal Criminal Drug Cases Resolved Before Trial?

If you or a family member has been indicted in a big federal drug conspiracy case and you’re wondering how if there’s more than ten individuals indicted that case is going to end up resolving itself?  I can give you an idea having been doing these cases for the past 26 years. Our federal criminal defense lawyers are providing an overview below. I was on one of the original indictments in Los Angeles many years ago, so I have an idea of how these cases end up getting resolved. Federal criminal prosecutions that involve drug distribution often include accusations under...

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Prosecuting Drug Activity Outside the United States

Can the Federal Government Prosecute Someone For Drug Activity Outside the United States? I do have a number of clients who come to me and ask this question because they’re involved with drug trafficking in other countries outside the U.S. and the don’t understand how the U.S. government has jurisdiction over their case if the drug activities they were involved in took place outside the United States. Where the federal government would get authority and jurisdiction to charge people under these circumstances would be if the drugs in question were being moved into the United States.  That would then be...

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