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Over the years we have successfully defended many clients charged with federal criminal defense cases. There are a couple of realistic paths that a person can take when they are charged with a federal crime:

1) Cases where a person is innocent and has been wrongfully arrested by the government – in this scenario the case is set for trial, once all appropriate investigation and motions are dealt with. A jury in impaneled, evidence is presented, arguments are made by each side and the jury eventually decides whether a particular person is innocent or guilty. In this circumstance it is imperative to have a powerful federal criminal defense attorney on your side. You must have someone that is skilled in the art of cross-examining witnesses and attacking the government’s case in a professional thorough manner. Many cases are won or lost based on the evidence…but all too often it is the attorney’s ability that wins the day!

2) Cases where a person is guilty of the crime they are being charged with and are attempting to receive the lowest sentence possible. In this scenario your attorney’s negotiating skills and knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are all important! With experience comes wisdom. We have handled many federal cases and have negotiated with many of the prosecutors that will ultimately be deciding the government’s position related to your case. The ability to negotiate a successful disposition for our clients is a talent that has been developed through years of negotiating some of the most serious cases that can be filed at the federal level.

*Find below a sampling of the numerous cases we have successfully defended in federal criminal court. If you have a federal criminal case that you require assistance with, I encourage to call us and set up a free face to face consultation…so we can educate you on how the system works and begin to design a plan with your specific situation in mind.

FEDERAL MORTGAGE FRAUD- 09/2009. A vigourous investigation was done, but no charges have been filed to date. The case involved alleged fraudulent loans.

MAIL-WIRE FRAUD, BANK FRAUD, PERJURY PROSECUTION IN THE CENTRAL DISTRICT – client was charged with stealing checks from a business entity and impersonating an employee while cashing thousands of dollars worth of checks. The federal judge dismissed the case after all the government’s evidence was presented. We successfully prevented the government from presenting expert opinion testimony from a handwriting expert. The client was convicted of nothing and all charges were dismissed.

NARCOTICS CASES – SEIZURE OF COCAINE, ECSTACY, METHAMPHETAMINE, HEROIN – we have been very successful in negotiating favorable resolutions in large narcotics cases, through the use of motions (search and seizure, illegal stop, wire-tap etc.) and successfully arguing the mitigating sections of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

PARDON OF A FEDERAL CRIME BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES – Ron Hedding is one of the few attorneys in the United States that has been able to obtain a Presidential Pardon from a sitting United States President. By obtaining the pardon, Mr. Hedding was able to completely wipe-out the federal conviction from his client’s otherwise clean record. It is not common that a President will actually grant a pardon. It is a testament to hardwork and the desire to do what is right for a client.

INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE CASE – One of our clients was charged with actually keeping someone from their home country as a slave…along with numerous other serious charges. In the end, the court sentence the client to a very small amount of custody time…while the co-defendant went to federal prison for 13 years. Again, successful negotiation and the ability to effectively argue the mitigating sections of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines is all important in the federal arena.

CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CASE – client charged with receiving and distributing child pornography. Looking at 10 year mandatory minimum based on the number of images. After successful negotiation client permitted to plea to simple possession with minimal custody time.
CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CASE – client charged with distribution and receipt of child pornography. Client facing 6 to 10 years in federal prison. After successful negotiation and mitigating factors brought forth regarding client’s mental condition, client given probation at a halfway house.